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Do you want streak-free windows?  Then leave it to the professionals!

Window cleaning is more than just cleaning glass.

Sure, clean windows improve clarity and let natural light inside.  But keeping your windows clean can save you thousands of dollars!

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The structure of glass & corrosion

Glass is porous and collects dirt that over time makes it fragile and can cause loss of transparency or pigmented spots that accommodate microorganisms’ growth. In the end, that might ruin the glass completely.  Problems can occur from:

  • Hard minerals – from sprinkler systems and building run-off
  • Oxidization – from windows encased in metal frames and screens
  • Acid rain – they are more common than you think
  • Sea spray – salt slowly builds up on the surface of your glass
  • Overspray – accidental paint, chalk, mortar particles, etc.
  • Rust – buildup can cause corrosion

There are two stages of glass corrosion.  Stage 1 corrosion can usually be remedied with cleaning and restoration techniques, but Stage 2 corrosion usually cannot be remedied and the glass will have to be replaced – a very expensive proposition.  Cleaning exterior windows at least twice a year is not only good for your enjoyment but helps to protect your home’s investment.

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House heat efficiency

This might be a big surprise for some of us, but it turns out dirty windows affect the overall heat efficiency of your house. Dirt particles on the surface and in the pores of the glass simply reflect more UV light, preventing the sun from warming up your home.

Preventative maintenance is the answer

It is a lot less costly to have your windows cleaned regularly than it is to have them replaced.  And it’s always nice looking out squeaky clean windows!

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